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Staff Directory

                                                      Director of Special Education and Student Services

                                                                                          Missie Evert
                                                       Special Education and Student Services Secretary

Julie Duvall

District Process Coordinator:

                                                                                       Amy Sammet
                                                                                  Terri Baumgartner

                                                                          Student Services Coordinator

                                                                                      Monica Assareh

                                                                     Early Childhood/ PAT Coordinator

                                                                                          Meg Vogel

                                                                           Psychological Examiners

                                                                                       Missy Candrl

                                                                                       Maggie Potts

To contact a staff member via email, please click on the appropriate envelope icon in front of their name.

Contact Erin Allen  Erin Allen Speech/Language Pathologist - Central Elementary
Contact Monica Assareh  Monica Assareh Coordinator of Student Service Programs
Contact Dustin Bailey  Dustin Bailey Special Education Teacher - UMS
Contact Laura Bailey  Laura Bailey ECSE Teacher
Contact Terri Baumgartner  Terri Baumgartner Special Education Process Coordinator
Contact Jennifer Becker  Jennifer Becker Early Learning Assistant MPP
Contact Julie Binsbacher  Julie Binsbacher Resource Room Paraprofessional - Middle School
Contact Lisa Boehmer  Lisa Boehmer Reading / Writing Teacher - High School
Contact Tammy Boykin  Tammy Boykin Paraprofessional - HS
Contact Cedric Brown  Cedric Brown Paraprofessional - Central Elementary
Contact Missy Candrl  Missy Candrl Psychological Examiner
Contact Dusty Carter  Dusty Carter Paraprofessional - UMS
Contact Christy Cooper  Christy Cooper Paraprofessional - Central Elementary
Contact Sarah Coyle  Sarah Coyle MPP Teacher
Contact Theresa DeArmond  Theresa DeArmond Resource Paraprofessional - Central Elementary
Contact Julie Duvall  Julie Duvall Administrative Assistant
Contact Shannon Eads  Shannon Eads Resource Paraprofessional - Beaufort
Contact Missie Evert  Missie Evert Director of Student Services
Contact Katie Fichter  Katie Fichter Speech /Language Pathologist - Central Elementary
Contact Laurie Gillison  Laurie Gillison Low Incidence Teacher - Central
Contact Lindsay Hayes  Lindsay Hayes PAT Educator
Contact Jennifer Heflin  Jennifer Heflin Reading/Writing Resource - Clark-Vitt
Contact Laura Heide  Laura Heide Resource Paraprofessional - Clark-Vitt
Contact Joan Hellebusch  Joan Hellebusch Special Education Teacher / Resource - UMS
Contact Lori Helms  Lori Helms ECSE Paraprofessional
Contact Beth Herrmann  Beth Herrmann Speech Language Pathologist - MS/HS
Contact Amy Hoechst  Amy Hoechst Special Education Teacher - UHS
Contact Robyn Holdmeyer  Robyn Holdmeyer Low Incidence / Math Resource Teacher - Beaufort
Contact Tracy Jorden  Tracy Jorden Special Education Teacher - UHS
Contact Emily Kania  Emily Kania Paraprofessional - BE
Contact Ally Kassebaum  Ally Kassebaum ECSE SPED Teacher
Contact Donna Kelly  Donna Kelly Paraprofessional - Clark-Vitt
Contact Meg Kimminau  Meg Kimminau Paraprofessional - Central Elementary
Contact Amy Kindel  Amy Kindel Special Education Teacher - Clark-Vitt
Contact Angela Koepke  Angela Koepke Parents As Teachers Educator
Contact Nicole Kuske  Nicole Kuske GED Program
Contact Katie Lindemann  Katie Lindemann Speech/Language Pathologist - Central Elementary
Contact Kelsey Lowe  Kelsey Lowe Paraprofessional - Beaufort Elementary
Contact Olivia Luelf  Olivia Luelf Speech/Language Pathologist
Contact Hannah McBride  Hannah McBride Special Education Teacher - Clark-Vitt
Contact Jennifer Melton  Jennifer Melton Reading / Writing Class Within a Class - Middle School
Contact Gina Merritt  Gina Merritt Reading / Writing Resource - Central
Contact Erin Meyer  Erin Meyer Reading / Writing Resource - Beaufort
Contact Samantha Missey  Samantha Missey Essential Skills Teacher - Middle School
Contact Mary Mitcham  Mary Mitcham ECSE SPED Paraprofessional
Contact Alicia Mohesky  Alicia Mohesky Occupational Therapist - SSRC
Contact Lisa Mooney  Lisa Mooney Mathematics Resource - Clark-Vitt
Contact Shannon Neier  Shannon Neier Speech Language Pathologist - Beaufort
Contact Nadine Nguyen  Nadine Nguyen ECSE Teacher
Contact Cathy Nowak  Cathy Nowak Paraprofessional - Central Elementary
Contact Katrina Oberlies  Katrina Oberlies Middle School OCS Program
Contact Rhonda Reidel  Rhonda Reidel SPED Teacher Resource - HS
Contact Cindy Robey  Cindy Robey Paraprofessional - High School
Contact Lisa Robinson  Lisa Robinson ECSE Paraprofessional
Contact Ken Salsman  Ken Salsman Social Studies / Personal Finance Teacher - High School
Contact Amy Sammet  Amy Sammet Special Education Process Coordinator
Contact Diana Schuenemeyer  Diana Schuenemeyer Resource Paraprofessional - Beaufort
Contact Dana Schwengels  Dana Schwengels Low Incidence Teacher - Central
Contact Samantha Short  Samantha Short Special Education Teacher - Central Elementary
Contact Crystal Smith  Crystal Smith Paraprofessional - UHS
Contact Nichole Smith  Nichole Smith Social Studies Inclusion Para - Middle School
Contact Lauran Spier  Lauran Spier Paraprofessional - UHS
Contact Brooke Stallmann  Brooke Stallmann ECSE Paraprofessional
Contact Felisha Starnes  Felisha Starnes Paraprofessional - Central Elemantary
Contact Andrea Thomas  Andrea Thomas Speech Language Pathologist - Clark-Vitt
Contact Terry Unnerstall  Terry Unnerstall Essential Skills Paraprofessional - High School
Contact Chris VanZee  Chris VanZee ECSE Paraprofessional
Contact Michele Verticchio  Michele Verticchio Paraprofessional - Clark-Vitt
Contact Gary Vogel  Gary Vogel Wildcat Extension Program
Contact Meg Vogel  Meg Vogel Early Childhood Coordinator
Contact Andrew Wanager  Andrew Wanager Paraprofessional - UHS
Contact Allyson Warner  Allyson Warner ECSE Paraprofessional
Contact Amanda Warner  Amanda Warner Physical Therapist
Contact Amy Webster  Amy Webster Psychological Examiner
Contact Leah Williford  Leah Williford ECSE Teacher
Contact Geri Wilson  Geri Wilson Special Education Teacher - Clark-Vitt