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Volunteer Checks

Parent Volunteers- In our efforts to keep all students safe, and due to revised Board policy, the school district has made some changes to the procedures required to be a parent volunteer in our schools. Starting for the 2007-2008 school year, parents are required to have two annual background checks. One is a name search that will scan the names of our volunteers through several databases including the child abuse registry, offender registry, and a criminal record registry. The other check is a fingerprint check. Volunteers can arrange an appointment with Officer Anderson or Officer Tappe to have their fingerprints done. Their e-mail addresses and phone numbers are on the “Contact Us” page of this site. Volunteers will then be required to mail their fingerprints along with a $20 check to Jefferson City to be processed. Once the results from both background checks are received, we will add your name to the list of available volunteers, and provide this list to each school’s office. A copy of the RXI school policy can be viewed below.

Name CheckThis check is done by entering a search for the child abuse registry, offender registry, and criminal record registry. Currently there is no charge for this search, Please fill out the below form, print it, and turn it into the building secretary, at any of our school offices.

Fingerprint CheckThis check is done by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The cost of this check is $20. Fill out and print the form below, then set up an appointment with one of our SRO’s, to be fingerprinted. The print card you receive, along with this form should be mailed to MSHP with the $20. If you have already been fingerprinted for the Union RXI District, within the past 5 years, fill out and print the form, mark the $11 name check, and mail it to the MSHP. There is no need to be re-fingerprinted if you have been within the past 5 years. This $11 search covers any activity received by them, since your last fingerprints were submitted. For quicker results you also have the option to do the name check online at for a cost of $11 and you will receive almost immediate results. The result sheet should be printed out and returned to the building secretary.

Results - Please be advised that any and all information received by the District is kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with any staff or parents. Once the information is received, and you are placed on the District’s list. The list only reflects that you have completed your mandatory background checks, and are cleared to participate and volunteer with our students and staff.