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Foundation Scholarships

The Foundation Scholarship Program

Each year, the Foundation awards thousands of dollars of scholarship money to the graduating class of Union High School. Some scholarships are one-time awards; others are funded through monies endowed from fundraising, trusts, or memorials.

In 2011 the Union R-XI Foundation awarded more than $30,000 in scholarship money to Union High School Graduates. Want to know who these deserving young scholarship recipients are? See the list of recipients below.

Here is the really important question: Would you like to make a difference in the life of a UHS student? For some graduates, receiving a Foundation scholarship may mean the difference between realizing dreams or just dreaming them. To make that difference, please complete the Foundation Membership Form  today, and mail it back with your tax-deductible gift, earmarked for the Scholarship Fund. Thank you for choosing to make a difference. 

2011 Scholarship Recipients


2011 Scholarship Recipients
Emily Hellmann McKenzie Groff Natalie Randolph  
Samantha Campbell Megan Voss Bethany Dixon  
Chelsi Thater Alex Kitcher Brandon Inman  
Katie Jasper Brandon Johnston Kelly Gerrein  
Randi Dewitt Caleb Berger Becky Pisane  
Meleah Metts Tyler Mohesky Ellen Domijan  
Amanda Wehmeier Erin Murray Nicole Norton  
Will Sammet - Fred Beckman Memorial Scholarship
Cole Weshoff - Ray Arand Memorial Scholarship


Memorial Scholarships, Endowments, and Other named Scholarships winners


Cole Westhoff - The Lance Purschke Scholarship
Ellen Domijan – The Tim Purschke Scholarship
Justin Hulsey, Taylor Jokerst, Megan Herbst - The Ida Hall Scholarship
Taylor Harrison – The Leroy and Dorothy Reed Scholarship
Brandon Inman – The Danny Flagg Memorial Scholarship
Louis Berra – The Bob and Bibs Purschke Scholarship
Griffin Daehnke, Nicole Devos – The John and Mable Devos Scholarship
Victoria Brautigam – Lisa E. Kasmann Memorial Scholarship
Nicole Devos – VFW Scholarship
Victoria Brautigam, Katie Jasper – Ten Best Friends Scholarship
Justin Hulsey – David Schoene Memorial Scholarship
Victoria Brautigam – Mr. Nienheuser Memorial Scholarship
Zac Rucker, Louis Berra, Brooke Berra - William S. Hall Scholarship
Justin Zimmerman, Erin Neier, Mike Yenzer – Scholar Athletes


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