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2018 Grant Winners

Amy Kindel CV Sped Leveled Readers
Linda Mathews CE 3rd Reading Club/Novels
Tracy Jordan HS Sped Transportation & Activity Fees
Debra Etter CV 4th-6th Center Supplies
Samantha Missey MS Sped Transportation & Activity Fees
All Kdg Teachers CE Kdg Center Supplies
Stacy Titter CE Kdg Flexible Seating
Mollie Woehlke CV 4th-6th Document Camera
Justin Cranmer HS Art Pottery Wheel
Geri WIlson CV Sped Leveled Readers
Shannon Neier BE K-6th Snapwords Set
Claire Smith HS 10th Various Novels
Denise Sachs BE K-2nd Guided Reading Sets
Joan Mabe CE 3rd Anchor Chart Easel & Flexible Seating
Brandi Gremaud HS Science VR Goggles
Christine Wood BE 3rd-6th Guided Reading Sets
Leah Williford EC Pre-K

Fine Motor Lab

Angela Koepke EC PAT Books & Toys
Olivia Luelf EC Speech Switch Devices
Laura Bailey EC Pre-K Sensory Board


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