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Foundation Goals

Foundation Goals & Purposes

Since 1989, the Foundation has continually been evaluating its goals and purposes, being certain that they are challenging, attainable, and, especially, supportive of the school district. Some early goals have actually been accomplished already, while others are ongoing. Here is a list of the most prominent goals the Foundation has undertaken since its inception:

Coordinating the donation of funds for, planning of, and construction of Stierberger Stadium.

• Coordinating a $135,000 fund drive for developing an all-weather track at Stierberger Stadium.

• Providing continuing education scholarships for Union High School graduates

• Executing endowed scholarship funds.

• Applying earmarked gifts to specified school use upon receipt.

• Acting as trustees of funds accrued through fund raising activities
• Acting as trustees of funds endowed in memorial or other scholarships.

• Acting in concert with other school support groups to facilitate the funding of programs designed to support local public education.

• Acting jointly with the Union R-XI School District to provide an annual grant intended to support a wide range of R-XI students.  

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