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Contact Meg Vogel  Meg Vogel Early Childhood Coordinator

110 West Springfield Ave.

Union, MO  63084

Phone: 636-583-1202

Fax: 636-583-4464


Early Childhood Center

Active play. Active minds. Active learning!”

The Early Childhood Center is a separate building located on the Central Elementary campus. The center mostly serves children with developmental delays in one or more areas such as speech, language, motor, social/emotional, adaptive and cognition. Free screenings are provided once a year for ALL children through Parents As Teachers for infants, toddlers, and children in the Union R-XI School District beginning at four months of age up until the time the child enters Kindergarten. Home visits or visits at the Parents As Teacher Center can be arranged through a parent educator throughout the school year. Visits can also be set up when a family is expecting to help prepare for the arrival of the new family member.  Both programs are free of charge. Parents As Teacher program offers resources, play groups, screenings and home visits.  The Parents As Teacher program can provide developmental activities for ALL  children to be active during play for learning.  

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Early Childhood BUS ROUTES can be found here.