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Alumni Home


Welcome to our alumni page. The following pages are dedicated to the alumni of Union High School and the Union R-XI School District.

Click here to look at the different Amican yearbook covers. Our earliest cover is currently 1957.

Reunion Information - Please send any inquiries or contact information to
Class of '79 Julie (Jackson) Bowen
Class of '81 Tim Richardson
Class of '84

Monica (Elkins) Keeven

Class of '87

Lisa (Stempf) Hayes

Class of '88 Julie (Highley) Schuermann
Class of '89 Krista (Doehring) Lause
Class of '96 Melissa Gildehaus, Justin Weber
Class of '97 Alyssa Stark.
Class of '99 Megan (Neier) Julius



Our strong band shall near be broken
Formed at Union High
Far surpassing wealth unspoken,
Sealed by friendship's tie.

Amici usque ad oras,
Deep graven on each heart,
Shall be found unwavering true
When we from life shall part.

Memory's leaflets close shall twine
Around our hearts for aye,
And waft us back o'er life's broad track,
To pleasures long gone by.

High school life is passing
Gliding swiftly by,
Then let us pledge in work and deed,
Our love for Union High.