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About Us

Mission Statement

Mission of the Union Police Department School Resource Officer Program is to promote and assist the Union School District in providing a safe learning environment. This will also improve relation-ships between law enforcement and the youth of today. The program attempts to promote a better understanding of the law enforcement officer's role in society while educating students, parents, school personnel and the community as a whole. The community can be educated on important issues such as gangs, violent crimes, drugs and other related topics. The program also provides a positive role model in the educational system.




The SRO Triad

The three areas of focus for School Resource Officers.

A school resource officer (SRO) is a certified law enforcement officer who is assigned full time to school. For this, SRO's receive many hours of specialized training. The concept is similar to the "officer on foot patrol" who knows the public he or she services on a first name basis and is sensitive to their particular needs.

Like many adults, some students view police officers solely as enforcers of the law. Students that have positive interactions with the SRO view law enforcement in an entirely different light. They see the SRO as a friend, an advisor, a positive role model, and someone to turn to in time of need.

The SRO also acts as a deterrent to criminal behavior through positive interactions with students and by his or her presence on the school campus.

The SRO program has been implemented in over 40 states since its inception in 1951.


School Resource Officer Code of Conduct


Maintaining the continuity and integrity or the School Resource Officer (SRO) program is the responsibility of each school resource officer. Officers, who become certificated SRO's by successfully completing SRO curriculum training are required to adhere to the SRO's Code of Conduct. This code of conduct will ensure that all the SRO's present themselves as positive role models and represent the SRO program in an appropriate manner.

Code of Conduct

As a SRO officer, I will conduct myself in a manner, which will present a positive role model to those with in the community in which I serve. I fully understand that the school(s) that I serve are a critical part of the community. My actions will be consistent with and support the goals and objectives of the SRO program and the guidelines set by the Missouri School Resource Officers Association (MSROA).

Guidelines of the SRO Program


·SRO's are not disciplinarians. An SRO takes action only when a violation of the law has occurred.

·SRO's coordinate their activities with administrators and staff members and seek advice and guidance before enacting any program within the school.

·SRO's are police officers sworn to up-hold the law.

·SRO's make presentations on various subjects of law-related education in order to increase student understanding of the laws.

Should it become necessary to conduct criminal investigations in the school, SRO's conduct those investigations in accordance with the Law, school district policy and policy of the law enforcement agency.